To effectively manage employee absenteeism companies need to do more than merely record and track the number of days absent.  The impact of absenteeism has significant consequences on productivity, profits, and even employee moral for those employees needing to constantly pick up the slack.

By analysing absenteeism with advanced statistical models, patterns can be identified which are more relevant that strict documented procedures.   This in-depth analysis can identify the key causes behind the absenteeism, be they legitimate health issues or opportunistic in nature.

With the proper parameters in place sick leave abuse, (which forms the majority share of absenteeism rates) or opportunistic absence is quickly highlighted and proactively managed to reverse undesirable behaviour within the organisation.

Implementing a comprehensive incapacity counselling procedure in accordance with relevant legislation will primarily improve productivity and enhance the bottom line; however there are additional benefits which include a reduction in the costs of employee benefits in the longer term. Proactive intervention through sick absence management enables companies to identify medical conditions that impact on productivity, disability and death experience. By managing these conditions at a much earlier stage one can reduce time off work and improve the duration of work life.

Furthermore, the facilitation process can also highlight other causes of absenteeism such as disengagement, harassment, burnout, stress and low morale.  These can then be addressed through referral to appropriate employee wellness programmes, ergonomic realignments, rehabilitation and counselling.

By effectively managing absenteeism companies will therefore not only improve their profitability but ultimately create a higher level of employee morale and productivity in the organisation.  The following actual case studies highlight the significant impact our DIAS software will have on your organisation:

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