DI Manage Clients

Our DIAS Absence System process time and attendance data for 50 000 employees, clients of ABSA Healthcare, providing statistics and online management of their staff absence rates nationwide.

Metropolitan Insurance company has outsourced the larger portion of their disability claims assessment and management to D I Management Solutions for over a decade. Included in their client base is the Local Government Umbrella fund which has afforded us the opportunity to work with a large group of Municipalities as well as hundreds of other employers.

MUA Insurance Acceptances are one of our many payroll clients. We provide a comprehensive payroll service, dealing with all changes and updates necessary in the payment period – all the way through to E-filing, IRP5s and bulk salary transfers.

We offer a comprehensive Human Resources Service to our clients and have recently implemented performance review processes at DAL Agency.

The Employment and Labour Law division provides a comprehensive service to clients dealing with individual and collective labour issues.

In addition to expert consulting on misconduct, incapacity and operational requirements matters, the division provides training on all aspects of employment law.

The client base of the division falls across South Africa and includes companies such as Allan Gray, Grant Thornton, Headline Leisure Management, Associated Magazines, Media Nova and UCT.



Outsourced service, SARS Payroll administration, On-time payments.



Reporting-  Online management- Guidance -Training



Ill Health Retirement– Long term Insurance– Ill Health Incapacity



Payroll- Policies and Procedures- Staff training