Managing human resources as well as the day-to-day administration of payrolls can quickly take up your company’s valuable time and resources which should be spent growing your business.

  1. Legal compliance and complex calculations
  • Compliance with SARS payroll requirements and knowledge of taxation of employee income and benefits are vital. You must be able to answer queries relating to your payroll accurately and confidently. So you need to ask yourself, do you have safe and secure mechanisms in place to do proper audits and how accurately can you verify your payroll calculations?
  1. Better reporting
  • Outsourcing your payroll administration will enable you to obtain a wide range of reports that offer insight into your payroll costs, such as departmental costs, earnings and deductions summaries, EMP201 reports, etc. While it may be possible to generate these reports in-house developing these may take a long time for your IT to configure and they may lack the analysis you get from your outsourced company.
  1. Cost savings
  • Most companies decide to outsource their payroll purely because of the hassle and complex compliance issues. However, outsourcing can save costs as you no longer need to employ a full-time payroll administrator or invest in continuous software upgrades and training. These savings can be ploughed back into other areas of your business such as sales, marketing or equipment.
  1. Hands-on expertise
  • Having an outsourced payroll management company means you also have ready access to experts in this field who can assist with employee queries, compliance issues and annual tax documentation. All consolidated at one point of contact. This may also include access to staff training or expert consulting sessions with management and staff on critical HR issues.
  1. Customised professional services
  • DI Management Solutions offers customised payroll and salary administration services to meet all your requirements. These services cover the full spectrum of payroll administration from basic data capturing, payslip generation and tax calculations to more complex matters such as completion and submission of EMP201 and EMP501 returns to SARS via e-filing and easy file, tax directives, ETI rebates as well as full database maintenance and reporting.


Outsourcing your payroll management gives you peace of mind that this critical area of your business is administered in full compliance with all legal requirements. You get professional experts who can efficiently manage all payroll administration and employee queries and offer specialist advice as needed.

These benefits have convinced hundreds of companies to outsource their payroll and HR administration. Isn’t it time you started saving time and money?

DI Management Solutions offers a tailored approach to your payroll requirements.